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Now that you've removed all of the negative reminders of your past relationship, it's time to fill those voids with positive influences. Surround yourself with the good things in your life. Reconnect with family and friends for support. Remind yourself that there are positive forces in your life and beyond, and utilize them. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more


    I have been living with this broken heart for 9-12 years, and I feel bad physically most of the time. I mean I'm strong, but I'm stressed out all the time, and I have a quicker temper than I had before. I lost my job right after Christmas, so I have no insurance to see a doctor for these issues. My heart and my blood feels like it's just on fire inside of me, and I want to fight with the hands all the time. I really didn't think that a broken heart was a real sympton, so I didn't talk about to any professional. I just know I'm tired of feeling angry and stifled all the time, and I cant sleep, it is 3:45 am at the time of this writing and I usually go to sleep around 4:00 am. I know thats not normal, but what can I do?


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    Not Delusional but close to it.

    I remember the secret, & that cold in my chest trying sooooo hard to be good just by the power of my mind. Hahaha! now that I think about it, that's pretty hilarious. All my life it was the secret, & all my life tha...

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  • Why

    I met him in January and it was immediate chemistry...this coming off of a severely broken heart and never thinking I would ever meet anyone....I learned now when I fall someone which is rare ...I fall hard for some...

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  • need opinion

    i had a boyfriend n he was my best friend too. he loved me alot n i love him too. we brokeup last year but whenever we used to meet we used to get back together. so he started avoiding me because he just started h...

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  • What is wrong with me

    I recently found out that I have a Love Obsession. It has been nearly 2 years long of heartache and wondering why it has not let up. I found a really good book that was written by Susan Forward called, "Love Obses...

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  • Starting to see the light....

    I just realized that today makes 1 month since we broke up. Its funny how time flies. I have come to realize that he was never the one for me, we were never meant to be, and he was never the end all be all guy, he w...

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  • The Time is Now

    I recently had a discussion with a friend about everything that has happened and I realized that I am not the sad and crying girl that I was. I was able to analyze my relationship and share experiences from it with ...

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  • Living for ME

    Since finding out my ex was cheating on me and still with that girl, I hve tried my hardest to distract the obsessive thoughts about him and her with filling my life with positive things. I have grown a lot in my re...

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  • Ready to Let Go

    Well 4 days ago came the news I was dreading to hear - he got engaged to someone out of the country and had only known thru phone calls and internet chats. I think after 3 days of crying on and off, I realized what ...

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