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Before you can even begin to bounce back, you need to be positive — this means ridding your life of all negative aspects and influences. Let go of stress tied to over-thinking everything. Clear your head, put thoughts to paper - or better yet, say what you've always wanted to say to your ex by emailing us instead at the MyEx Mailbox ( ). Remove the remains of the past relationship. Don't turn to vices, don't rebound, don't have any regrets. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • so lost

    I am a 28 yr old mother of a 7 yr old little girl. 5 yrs ago I met my husband and we hit it off and moved in with him and went from a happy independent woman to someone who had no self asteem and hurt all the time he began calling me names and put downs . He told me not to work to finish school but he made me so insecure with other women comments and porn addiction that i was failing out cause id run home to catch him online i was so hurt all the time we began getting a little better and we moved home withmy mom and got married even the day before the wedding he said if i dont act right he wont marry me .I felt likei was always on eggshells but i the sick thing was i loved the good times but hated the bad. after we got married he began gambling binges and cause finacial upset and lies to get money. if id try to stop him hed put me down call me names and even lie to me to get more money then be sorry days after. We took a seperation the past 6 months and i was feeling good me and my daughter alone and then he came back and was soooo sorry for ever treating me so bad and wanted to give me the world have a family and love me right well i decided to tell him that i had gone to other men at times in our relationship when i felt so low and down they made me feel better i know it was wrong but at the time i felt like i deserved some love . Now he tells me that i ruin our family he was ready to treat me so good forever i dont know what to think i feel guilty and heartbroken he says he will have a family with someone else and never treat the next like he did me , i never wanted to cheat i truley loved him but i couldent make him love me all he did was push me away. please help me with some advice. im dying inside


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  • Confusing

    It was an 18 month relationship. In the beginning he was so devoted and everything a girl could hope for. He treated me so kindly, very different to previous relationships. As time went on there were suttle indicati...

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  • Brian vs Heart

    Mentally I have prepared myself. Mentally I have let him go. I believe I will get over him, I have things to look forward to, a great support system and my confidence is slowly coming back.

    Social medi...

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  • image description

    6 months and still obsessing

    I met my exboyfriend Dec 2012 and didnt like him all that much but he kept insisting on coming over and going to gym and doing things together all the time that I eventually fell for him. He was my almost constant ...

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  • image description

    Still mending & fightin the demons

    This is my story. When you're born into a broken family with baggage and mental disorders, it is reeeeeeeally hard to cope. Some people want to tell me to get over it, o like I haven't already tried? Just imagine yo...

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  • Can't deal with him anymore

    I dated my boyfriend for about 6 months, then I decided to break it off because I thought (not knowing) that he would be the first one to break up with me. So I was very much scared of rejection because I was from ...

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  • Break-up

    I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I really loved her and it hurt me in many ways when she broke up with me. I had just recently found out that she is now dating one of my close friends and that they tried to k...

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  • image description


    I was seeing a man for 3 months, I know it's not a long time, but he was the man I had been with in 12 years. we are both in our 50's. He turned out to be just a player and I am having trouble wrapping my brain arou...

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  • I broke up with him.

    I feel as if the guilt isn't even here yet. He was a great guy , and in all honesty I did have strong feelings for him at one point. But then he began to get kind of clingy being that we were off from school. We beg...

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