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Before you can even begin to bounce back, you need to be positive — this means ridding your life of all negative aspects and influences. Let go of stress tied to over-thinking everything. Clear your head, put thoughts to paper - or better yet, say what you've always wanted to say to your ex by emailing us instead at the MyEx Mailbox ( ). Remove the remains of the past relationship. Don't turn to vices, don't rebound, don't have any regrets. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • Devastated

    • 21 May 2010
    • Posted by bree

    My now ex-fiance and I met in June of 07. We had both just started recovering from severe drug addictions, mine was with heroin and his was with cocaine. We began living together almost instantly, we fell madly in love. We have had a fairytale life for the past 2 and a half years. Bought a house, have stayed clean, have decent jobs, a few pets. He proposed two Christmases ago and it was the happiest moment of my life. Our friends have always been jealous of our bond, of our supposedly undying love for each other. He was my best friend and, I still truly believe, my soul mate. He left me the Friday before Mother's Day completely out of the blue. He said he needed time. He wanted to work on it. That he loved me. He text messaged me that he missed me and wished I was home. Now for the past week and a half he will barely answer my messages at all. I went by our house to pick up something on Monday and we had sex. He just kept saying 'we shouldn't,' and 'we can't,' but I just wanted so badly for him to want me back. Things (just as everyone told me would happen) have been worse since. I miss him, I hate feeling like he doesn't miss me. We had such a beautiful relationship and out of nowhere he leaves after saying he never would. I believed him. I still feel like we are supposed to be together but I just can't get through to him. I want to die every day. He has been my everything for so long, I just don't know how to live.


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