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Before you can even begin to bounce back, you need to be positive — this means ridding your life of all negative aspects and influences. Let go of stress tied to over-thinking everything. Clear your head, put thoughts to paper - or better yet, say what you've always wanted to say to your ex by emailing us instead at the MyEx Mailbox ( ). Remove the remains of the past relationship. Don't turn to vices, don't rebound, don't have any regrets. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • 2 in a row

    • 17 May 2010
    • Posted by safh

    i met a guy who chatted me up for a week then I mistakenly sent a text saying that I was in love w/ my friend who didn't love me I told him that I was into him and he said it was cool but the next thing i know is he told me he had a date and hoped I didn't think we were dating, i said no we were just talking, so he says he'll call me back; another week he doesn't so I text hey and he says my girl don't like it when we talk so we can' t talk like we used to I say okay didn't know. so two weeks go by and he text me, I am currently seeing another guy but this guy blew me off last night after he invited me to spend a night at his place my sister thinks because of a misunderstanding he thinks I'm psycho/stalker type, I said since we are in town and my sister is exhausted why don't we hang out near your place and rest while you go to work then when you call me I can come over. He was like wow that's committed y'all just going to sleep in the car that's weird and I was like no we're just gonna rest in the car until you're done so we cut down on driving. So when he gets out of the car he says give me a hug girl and we hug but he didn't call to tell me he was done at work and he hasn't called at all today. I just keep running things over and over in my head wondering if something I said wrong or did wrong. I like him I just want him to call. If somethings up just talk to me. I don't want to go to his place and he thinks I'm weird.


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