Bounce Back to Life

Bounce Back, Move Forward

Bouncing back is that moment in time when you realize you've created happiness from within, not based on another person. When you realize your heartbreak is truly in the past, you are ready to look to the future and move forward. Whatever you choose to do, reintroduce yourself with a smile, as a refreshed, refocused person and watch the world take notice. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • alone 10 years

    • 31 May 2010
    • Posted by peggy

    Found my soul mate at the age of 36, had a nightmare with my childrens father(which i didnt want to marry,my family held the shotgun on ME. Long story short,he was cheating on me w/ his x-wife, she was rubbing it in my face with pictures nasty letters, while he was telling me he was looking for a job.(i supported him)took my baby w/him to met her,kidnaped my babynever seen since, looked all my lifestill cant find him.then remarried ti=o my soulmate 10years later,like the rest he took me for 50.000.after he quit working with the Nevill Brothers,i supported him also while i was very ill ,i only weighed 95 lbs.socking wet.I moved him to Denver,he never met met but once,i had to get a cab,cost 604 plus carried 4 60lbs. 3 flights of staires,after major surgery. Yesterday we would have been married 14 years,together a total of 18 years.I cryed 24/7 for 4 long years.Cant understand how a person can hurt someone that shows them so much love(not clingy either)just always there for him, cooking, cleanning and always putting him before myself,and little gifts alwasy,little notes he'd find in his breifcase.Enought,ty so much!!


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  • Actually being myself

    I am with this wonderful man, he has his days but I take care of him. Wait, we take care of each other. The day I was grounded I was 16 and a total jerk to my mom, sorry mom I love you. So he came over. He was the m...

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  • believe he is a narcissist ...he played me and he had a girlfriend

    I met him January 2012. He moved fast and I fell fast. He pursued me. He was exactly my type and we had common interests from running to music to food and just how we thought and made each other laugh. The only ...

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    I want to write my story to share with other women out there who have been through the same thing. I want to let you all know that you CAN and WILL be happy again. Do not be discouraged! I thought I would never ever...

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  • Conflcted, but know its time to move on.

    BF and I have a 7 year history. In the early years, we were casually dating, when I wanted more and he didn't, I told him we needed to part ways. We were apart for 3 years and I kept hearing from our mutual friends ...

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  • Waiting it out? Was I really?

    Someone recently told me, two ways to get through a breakup, you can either wait it out or push through it, and that got me to thinking.

    I would strongly say, YES I AM....but have I been really?

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  • Acceptance - A Beautiful Thing

    It is absolutely refreshing to wake up in the morning these days with an intense feeling of peace and acceptance.

    Granted, the path to that has been long and hard, filled with anger, hatred, sadness, di...

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  • So Many Dates Now! (???)

    After being in a loveless and controlling marriage for 16 years, I left for "saner" pastures. I found new interests, developed new friendships and am enthusiastic about the future! My work has me "out there" and mee...

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  • Needing Closure

    We started seeing each other November, 2009. At the beginning we didn’t move things to fast, he had just left his wife of 15 years because he found out she had an affair for a year with her best friends hu...

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