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Bouncing back is that moment in time when you realize you've created happiness from within, not based on another person. When you realize your heartbreak is truly in the past, you are ready to look to the future and move forward. Whatever you choose to do, reintroduce yourself with a smile, as a refreshed, refocused person and watch the world take notice. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • Better off now

    • 11 Apr 2010
    • Posted by km3329

    I met my ex over a year ago and we seemed to really hit it off quickly... a little too quickly now that I look back at it. We moved into a serious relationship faster than we should have. I usually don't move into things quickly but he was so manipulative, he convinced me that it was something I wanted to do. He even convinced me that I was in love with him and had me considering moving in with him after only a few short months. He did a lot of traveling for work- or at least that's what he would tell me. I found out that his trips weren't as long as he made them out to be- he was seeing another woman while he was "working". He was actually with her when we met but since she lived in a different part of the city, I never knew. He messed up a few times- calling me by her name, blaming it on the fact that it was just because he was so tired and I reminded him of his long-time "friend" (our names were very similar). He would answer her phone calls in front of me, claiming it was a work call, and even accidentally showed a text from her thinking he was showing me one from his buddy. He wasn't good at much, but he was a great liar. Every time he'd mess up, he would be able to lie his way out of it and we'd move on. He was so good at lying, when I found out that he was twice divorced because of cheating, has kids, and had spent time in jail and felt bad for him. I didn't listen to my friends when they would point out how blind I was about the whole situation. I don't know what was different about this last time, but I finally decided not to put up with it any more. We went to dinner before he had to leave for a 15 day "work" trip and she called. He answered the call in the middle of the restaurant and said that it was work and he had to take it. I ended things with him as soon as we left the restaurant and felt more relief than grief. Since then, he has attempted calling me and coming over, but I simply tell him I'm not interested and he needs to move on. I like to think about this relationship as a learning experience more than wasted time with the wrong person.


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