Bounce Back to Life

Bounce Back, Move Forward

Bouncing back is that moment in time when you realize you've created happiness from within, not based on another person. When you realize your heartbreak is truly in the past, you are ready to look to the future and move forward. Whatever you choose to do, reintroduce yourself with a smile, as a refreshed, refocused person and watch the world take notice. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • "All of the Above"

    When I decided to write my story I had to sign up. When I started the process I just knew my story would be about my divorce, however during the sign up process there were some other choices and I thought to myself there should be an "all of the above" option!!! I have been through so much since my divorce in 1997 that I am so not the same person I was. I divorced after 18 yrs of marriage and 2 wonderful daughters. I knew from about the time I was 7 months pregnant with out 2nd daughter that I needed to get out! We were waiting for a store to open to Christmas shop for our older daughter, then 2 1/2 when he backhanded me in the face for something I said. I honestly can't remember what it was! I had a burgundy maternity blouse on so once the bleeding stopped we still went in the store. You can all stop thinking how crazy was she. I know all that now and I'm even sure I knew it then but I was young and dumb.
    Anyway, in early 1997 he told me that he wanted a divorce. I just asked who she was and had he slept with her. Of course that was not the language I really used. He said yes he had and apparently it had been going on for some time, she also gave her husband his walking papers too!
    Great 2 cheaters getting together. Within 9 months I was divorced and a single parent of a 13 and 15 yr old girls. It was great! We did what we wanted to, ate what we wanted to, repainted every room in the house,,actually bought the house. That was something my ex would never commit to... his lose. Things were very good until mid 2001. That's when my youngest daughter then 17 was killed in a horrible accident. She was on her way to work and an 18 wheeler turned in front of her. My world was beyond shattered. Nothing that my ex pulled through the divorce and visitation process compared to the raw pain that losing my baby causes me still almost 9 years later. From others I understand that this pain will ebb and flow with seasons,anniversaries etc... so far they are right with a few breakdowns at other times for really no reason, maybe a song, a scent who knows. What I do know is no matter why you want the world to stop and let you off it won't. Death,Divorce or both. It still keeps turning. My story does have a happy ending of sorts, at least as happy as it can be without my child. A gentleman who worked at the school both of my children attended(me too) met with me on the behalf of my daughters friends to organize a fundraiser. He knew my daughter in a way I did not. That gave us a lot to talk about! This New Years Eve we celebrated our 8 wedding anniversary!
    You would think that would be the end huh? Well sometimes pain is the gift that just keeps on giving! I have had 3 spinal surgeries and another one looming.I have also started and continue to suffer TIA's or mini strokes since oct of 03 when my company announced downsizing. I never got the chance to find out if would have been affected. One minute we putting a shed together and the next I was in the hospital, and working was a memory. My surviving daughter just found out for sure that she cannot have children and financially they cannot even begin to be considered for adoption. Her husband is also disabled due to an injury at his last job. Still my husband, my best friend wakes up every morning and manages to make me smile at least once during the day! I guess that makes it another day worth hanging on for.


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