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Bounce Back, Move Forward

Bouncing back is that moment in time when you realize you've created happiness from within, not based on another person. When you realize your heartbreak is truly in the past, you are ready to look to the future and move forward. Whatever you choose to do, reintroduce yourself with a smile, as a refreshed, refocused person and watch the world take notice. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • believe he is a narcissist ...he played me and he had a girlfriend

    I met him January 2012. He moved fast and I fell fast. He pursued me. He was exactly my type and we had common interests from running to music to food and just how we thought and made each other laugh. The only problem was I did not see him much. He was a big texter and I was unfamiliar with dating (just getting out of my marriage) and just took his lead. He also told me he had so much going on so I just held back and was patient. Looking back I realize I was seeing him on and off over the period of 9 months and about once every 1 or even 2 weeks but I believed him when he told me he had so much heavy stuff going on. Turns out that stuff was probably true , but I believe in my heart he was dating his ex at some point after we started dating. I was so stupid because weekends would come and I would rarely hear from him till Monday morning and then it was back and forth all week and they maybe seeing him. He ended things with a lame excuse which I did not even know at the time was a breakup but his excuse just sucked me in more because all I wanted to do was help him. I gave him space but was still in contact with him via text every so often. Then one night I ran into him and he was on a date. I lost it. We had a big fight and it ended very badly. I was devastated with guilt because of how I behaved. Nevermind he was the one on the date with no explanation. He said some extremely hurtful things I will never forget as long as I live. We did not speak for months, but I wanted forgiveness for how I behaved that night. I pursued him for that (not obsessively), but persistently, and when he finally responded we agreed to be friends. I wanted to be in his life and was willing to be his friend....When I saw him again we ended up sleeping together. I realized he did not respect my boundaries. This happened three times...I believed we were working things out.....well to make a long story short. During one of those visits, I told him I was going to move into his complex if he did not object. He was ok with it. A few months went by and he started with the hot cold texting more, not seeing him...I sort of changed my responses and when I did not return a text he would then call (once come to think of it) (I thought that was a step up) Turns out the weekend I move in after I had told him for a month I wanted to talk, I run into him and he sends me a text that he got back together with the woman I saw him on a date with and she lives in the complex. If that is not bad enough, she lives across the street from me. I was sick to my stomach. Oh and he ignores ME in public. We talked after that and I ended up sleeping with him again...(he made empty promises and again poured on the charm) I realized this after I slept with him and he actually had the audacity to kiss his gf in front of me in the pool....after he did that I realized he is just so hurtful and the fact that he has completely discarded me, my feelings,what I was dealing with in my life, that was it, I don't need this toxic person in my life...(my heart is still not there yet) there were so many red flags I did not see. things he said or did not say that were all signals. I am broken, numb that he has just walked out of my life with absolutely no regard for my feelings. For some strange reason, probably because I loved him, I wanted to open up my vulnerable side with him and he would just not let me in. I know he must have serious issues but it is hard none the less, the push pull, hot cold in out.....Now I have to see his car in her driveway when he mostly had excuses for me. That is the hardest part....I don't want to move bc I like it here and everything else works, but I just want my heart not to feel broken anymore


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  • Actually being myself

    I am with this wonderful man, he has his days but I take care of him. Wait, we take care of each other. The day I was grounded I was 16 and a total jerk to my mom, sorry mom I love you. So he came over. He was the m...

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  • believe he is a narcissist ...he played me and he had a girlfriend

    I met him January 2012. He moved fast and I fell fast. He pursued me. He was exactly my type and we had common interests from running to music to food and just how we thought and made each other laugh. The only ...

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    I want to write my story to share with other women out there who have been through the same thing. I want to let you all know that you CAN and WILL be happy again. Do not be discouraged! I thought I would never ever...

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  • Waiting it out? Was I really?

    Someone recently told me, two ways to get through a breakup, you can either wait it out or push through it, and that got me to thinking.

    I would strongly say, YES I AM....but have I been really?

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    Granted, the path to that has been long and hard, filled with anger, hatred, sadness, di...

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  • Needing Closure

    We started seeing each other November, 2009. At the beginning we didn’t move things to fast, he had just left his wife of 15 years because he found out she had an affair for a year with her best friends hu...

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