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Make the effort now to get yourself to a place of health and happiness — emotionally and physically. Negative spaces have been filled with positive influences, and everyone is behind you. Focus inward - get in shape, try new things, eat right, travel, read, spend time alone, meditate — show that you are ready to put your happiness first. Read more about all four phases in our Believe section. Find out more

  • I still love my Ex...What Can I do?

    I had been dating with my ex for about 4 months already but we had to give each other a break since there were issues that could complicate our relationship, and I was not ready to risk that. but unknowingly my Girlfriend took it as a complete break up and dated my friend a week later. I was shocked and suprised so I dated someone else to knowing that I would forget about what had happened. The problem comes, we still love each other but she keeps on saying that we now have new lives so we better move on. But deeply inside us we still want to be together, What can I do?


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    The little devil wants to come out

    Like I said, being the "good" little girl growing up I started to crush a little part of me that wanted to have fun, make fun of people, & play some tricks, why not? After break up after break up I was o no he's a g...

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  • any suggestions would be helpful

    my husband says he doesn't feel comfortable sleeping with me because my friend that he has meet won't call the house, we haven't had sex in 4 months, is he really cheating and placing blame on me?

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  • Embrace Your Adversity

    All things happen for a reason. During and after the breakup this may seem like the farthest thing from the truth. Examine how and why but embrace the opportunity to reinvent yourself and become the person you were ...

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  • who? me? haha yep!

    • 16 May 2011
    • Posted by agram

    i realized im only hurtin myself worring about him.. its meeeeeee time, time to make meeee happy... even if it takes climbing a mountain to get there..

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  • im tryin

    was with this guy for a yr it was great actually it was more den great i eas in heaven..we wer truely in i thought. at the bigging of the relationship i was scared so i had my guard up he took it as i didnt...

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  • Gotta do this for meee!

    I thought I was taking every approach possible to getting my life back on track after the breakup. One last connection remained: we were facebook friends.

    He always reiterated how we were friends and h...

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  • Focusing on me

    Ive spent the past few months really focusing on myself....and it has worked wonders for my soul!!! I finally feel like i am back on my feet and looking forward to my future!

    I started a new exercise r...

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  • To wait or not to wait

    Nine months ago, I moved to NY with my boyfriend. We had been dating for around a year and a half and had been friends before that for 5 years. We lived with his friend and sister, which I believe took a toll on our...

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