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First Love I dated my ex for 13 months and it's been 2 months since the breakup, but I still feel lke crying every now and then. He told......
Breakup I have just recently broken up with my boyfriend of two years. In the beginning it was fine and then I found out he had cheat......
GROWN CHILDREN OF BRAINWASHING/STEPMOTHER ADVICE Any advice from adult children who were brainwashed by their MOTHER (custodial parent)? I am a step mother of a 12 yr. old wh......
Parential Alienation I divorced my ex-wife nearly three years ago. I have since remarried and have had nothing but problems with my ex-wife.
why don't i feel like i did the right thing? For the past month, I have been going out with this guy and very quickly I fell for him. I really like him. During the 1-mont......