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  • Christmas Shopping for Your Significant Other

    All I want for Christmas is...

    No, not my two front teeth.

    Unfortunately, it’s not you either.

    Oh, what do we get for our significant others this time of year? We are no longer ...

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  • Home Alone...For the Holidays

    There are times where family drives us to the lengths of insanity where we’d like to grab our father’s aftershave, squeeze some onto our hands, respectively take turns slapping our cheeks and let out a big: More >

  • New Year - New Love

    It is that time of year again folks. The holidays are behind us. We survived another season of cheer, all the decorations are put away and now we are left with the holiday weight we might have gained and are prob...

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  • The Single Self vs. The Attached Self

    When we succumb to the world of dating we all know that it comes with its ups and downs. It can drive you mad, make you do and think crazy things. It doesn’t matter where you live, what your race is or even wha...

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  • When Moving for the "One" Is Right

    When Moving for the “One” is Right
    Come on…admit it. You have seen it a million times in all those romantic comedies or maybe you have even experienced it for yourself and that is you are at a party or m...

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  • Did it Hurt? When You Fell From Heaven?: The Do's and Don'ts in Pick-up Artistry

    Dating isn’t easy. And watching our friends hit on someone at a bar can be pretty fun. Sometimes they get a phone number. And sometimes they get slapped in the face. Either way, it is pretty entertaining. ...

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  • Single: Is Not a Bad Word

    Admit it. There will come a time in all our lives when we will check the mail and there it is staring us right in the face...the wedding invitation. Weddings are supposed to be a joyous occasion for all parties t...

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  • Losing or Keeping My Religion

    How does religion affect how we view our current or future relationships?

    As I sit here writing this article and as timing would have it, a commercial on my television just came on for a specific r...

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