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Turning Valentine's to Valenmine's

By Tracy Verrett, BounceBack Relationship & Transition Expert

"What the bleep is Valenmine's?" you may be wondering. Well, it's a little something I've coined for people just like you. Read on and you'll learn how to take the day full of love relapses for the broken-hearted into your best day of the year. When you're going through the end of a relationship, there's nothing worse than having Valentine's Day cutting in to take your heart on a journey of ...


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  • great concept!

    I though I was going to vomit reading about "Valentine's week on facebook" and posting a picture of you and your significant other. A day to yourself and doing things you love is just as important.

  • I love this!

    • 11 Feb 2010
    • Posted by MissLC

    I love making this holiday about loving yourself and celebrating yourself. I've had a couple years of pretty down in the dumps V-days and this gives me some good ideas because I'm definitely in that crowd that the h...