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When You Know it is Time to Go, Stand by Your Decision

By Inji El Gammal for
Posted by: jicoloco

“A woman should not be walking out of her marriage. How can you do this to your children and let them grow up in a broken family?” That is what some will tell the woman who decides that her marriage was over. Those words will haunt her and may even break her for a while. People will judge and will condemn but what they do not know is what happened before reaching such a decision. Wha...


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    • 05 Jul 2012
    • Posted by Ctim

    It is time to let go when my husband falling in love with his 20yrs younger co worker and she fall for a father type men to get favorite at work

  • Freedom

    • 07 May 2012
    • Posted by cma

    I loved the article but mostly loved the photo!! Please tell me where to get a copy!! Its truly breathtaking and speaks volumes.

  • When You Know it is Time to Go, Stand by Your Decision

    Three years post separation and two years post divorce, this article was exactly what has been in my heart. Although my children were young adults, it was the most heart wrenching decision of my life after 27 years ...