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What's YOUR Ideal Relationship?

By Kelli Cooper for
Posted by: kellicooper

Depending on your family, religion, society at large and other factors, you have probably had a lot of ideas hammered into your head regarding what is ‘’right’’ and ‘’appropriate’’, what constitutes success, what makes an ideal partner, what type of life you should live, and what is supposed to make you happy. These forces are very strong and can lead many astray from the person...


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  • A harmonious interpersonal relationship

    Face to the intense work and ordinary life,
    how to kill you spare time?
    who will stay with you to share your weekend?
    what you do can make your life more wonderful?
    so,How to fin...

  • True

    I think this article is very true. You can not expect other people to sent standards for you, it would be like they are loving your relationship for you. Decide for yourself. Be truthful. Don't let other people inf...