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Is Staying in a Relationship for Sex OK?

By Elliot Yoo for
Posted by: elliot

People stay in relationships for almost every reason under the sun. But what about people who stay in a relationship strictly for sex? Sure, it’s immature, but getting beyond that, is there really any harm? Great sex ranks differently on many people’s relationship values lists, and therefore figuring out whether it’s okay to stay together for sex is a much trickier question than it initia...


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  • Art

    Great article! I personally don't think it's morally right to stay in a relationship just for the sex, think about the other person, they have feelings too.

    BTW, interesting artwork! Could you please t...

  • Sure, if both people are on board

    If you're both clear that's why you're in it, then it's cool, but I think it's rare that two people would knowingly and openly talk about that much less agree to it. I think one person is pretty much always going to...