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Is Your Relationship Worth Saving? 6 Signs It's Time to Let Go

By Davina Dummer, BounceBack Editorial Staff

Deciding if a relationship is over is extremely hard for all parties involved. Sometimes, it can be even harder than the aftermath of a breakup, because it leaves both parties in a sort of limbo state. At least once you have broken up, the decision has been made and dealing with the decision can begin. So, how do you know if you should try and save your relationship, or if sadly, it is time to ...


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  • So True

    this is very true. and there are also some other ways you should know when to end it. such as, if you start catching him or her in they're own lies. relationships are about HONESTY.

  • Great article

    Ending a long term relationship can be so hard, especially when there are children involved. I loved this article but think it missed one important If you don't trust your mate or your mate doesn't tr...

  • What to do if he tells you to get out every argument

    I would like some advice my fiance just purchased a house 9months ago I have done all the work drywall,mud, tape plumbing so on and on ...But lately he has been really mean he had to pay alot of taxes so he can't fi...

  • hard to let go

    my name is michael cossu i am 51 years old
    i been a relationship with a women name robin we had broke up over 8 months ago and the past month we got back together talked everything out but there was one stu...

  • It ain't easy

    • 14 Jun 2011
    • Posted by Julie

    I feel so strong enough that I want to end my unhappy relationship because I can count the days that I had mediocre happiness, & that would be something great already. But I don't feel strong enough to leave because...

  • Letting Go

    • 12 May 2011
    • Posted by Chica

    Great article. It's all about the signs however letting go is hard especially after a 21 year marriage however I must say I can relate to all six signs especially the last one. I always felt that I gave more than I...

  • question

    i was wondering what to do if u dont trust or understand why your husband of eight years would cheat with five hundred pounds elephant and he the size of norbit.and this girl gone email me.who does that

  • Great Article!

    • 31 Mar 2011
    • Posted by NINA

    Thank you for this article. I have been in my relationship for almost 4 yrs now. We have diffrent views on how people are to conduct themselves in a relationship.

    There were many points which hit home....