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5 Common Mistakes in Dating You Don't Know You're Making

By Samantha Scholfield, BounceBack Dating Expert

Dating is hard. It's also annoying, self-esteem crushing, and time-consuming. But it can also be amazing, self-confidence boosting, and simply so much fun. Dating is about more than just finding a partner - it's a good way to meet new people, work on your social interaction and communication skills, and experience new things.   When you begin dating again after a relationsh...


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  • nice and true

    i love such article and it boost my moral up

  • Maybe I hit all 5 at one time

    • 09 Aug 2010
    • Posted by Tune

    This article I relate so much too that in all honestly I properly hit all five one time or another or even at one time. Now that I'm older I truly respect the Fave Five here. I take dating as a fun trip into anoth...

  • Soooo True!!

    I can't tell you how many times I've passed on opportunities to date a woman because I sensed that they were a "carbon-copy" of me. Although it's great to have common interests/likes/etc, I can't tell you how much o...

  • Absoultely True!

    Every date is a new experience! I try to date like it's a fruit tray, an apple here, a grape one is like anyone I have ever considered being married to before. After being married for 20 years to the sa...

  • SO TRUE!

    I am dating a very nice man that broke up with his wife around the very same time I broke up with my husband. It's been over a year for both of us since the big break-up, but my boyfriend is definitely STILL in BIG-...

  • funny but true:)

    this article rocks! love reading it, its so true. thanks for the advises, ill try to apply it on my future dates :P