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MyEx Mailbox: Everything You Want To Say To Your Ex, Without The Consequences

By Lindsey Chadwick, BounceBack Staff

Send what you want to say to your ex to:     "You've broken up. There's nothing more to say." At least, that's what someone who isn't going through a breakup or divorce would say. But you, as the ...


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  • I'm sorry

    • 27 Jan 2010
    • Posted by BH225

    I would like to say I'm sorry to my ex - I wish I could be in the same place you were, but I just wasn't. I want to send this to her, because I'm sure she has a lot of probably not so great things to say to me, but ...

  • definitely a good idea

    • 27 Jan 2010
    • Posted by MissLC

    i've made the mistake of saying things i regretted. i am going to write mine now - this is a great idea and will keep a lot of people from looking stupid in front of their exes


    I just hit "send" on the MyEx Mailbox button and it felt awesome. I thought I had cleared my head, but obviously there were things I needed to say. I know my ex wouldn't give me the response I really want, so this i...

  • Wow

    This is a great idea. Thank you. I have a lot I would love to get off my chest and never really felt like anyone was listening. I sent my email to the mailbox! I feel so much better.