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5 Lessons Learned from Writing My Ex

By Rosie Munger, BounceBack Editorial Staff

I love to write letters; I always have. When I was younger, long before the days of email, I had scores of Pen Pals from across the globe whose letters sent me running to the mailbox each day. Now only bills and unsolicited catalogs arrive regularly, and communication almost always involves some kind of technological device. On many levels the ability to communicate our needs and express our fe...


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    • 04 Jul 2012
    • Posted by Ctim

    Best of luck to my 20yrs of happiness and giving up for new young love that your best friend cr gave u

  • Writing letters to your ex

    Excellent blog.
    I wrote letters and sent them!!!
    They didn't go over well either.
    I did write some without sending them - and they do help.
    thanks for your article