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Why "It's Not Your Fault" Is So Hard To Swallow

By Lindsey Chadwick, BounceBack Editorial Staff

When you're in a manipulative, destructive relationship, and it ends, oftentimes the manipulating person will place the guilt on you, adding insult to injury and exponentially magnifying your heartbreak. This is simply a case of the manipulative person projecting his/her behavior on to you. They will rationalize their actions by pointing out your faults, and they will deflect their guilt and re...


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  • Thank you for this. It's everything I already know in my heart, but reminders from the outside really do help.

    • 12 Sep 2012
    • Posted by Omola

    thank you!

    • 03 Jul 2012
    • Posted by Ctim

    No never your false it is her! Lucky charm

  • Reverse Angle on It's not your fault

    In my situation, I was dumped by a widower who broke off our 5.5 year relationship via text and then sent an email saying, "It is not your fault. You are perfect. I am proud of you. Don't doubt that I loved you. ...

  • I hope you're right

    • 29 Jul 2010
    • Posted by DMW

    After being married for 18 years and together for 26, my husband decided he wanted out. He seems to have lost any semblance of morality and I am left wondering what I did, or didn't do, to deserve this kind of pai...