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How NOT to Get Your Ex Back

By Lindsey Chadwick, BounceBack Editorial Staff

Now, don’t get too excited by this title. We’re not saying we want you all to try to get your ex back – your ex is your ex for a reason, and you should take a minute to separate yourself from the situation, step back and look at things objectively, including yourself, before trying to force something or fix something back to the way it was – you may realize it really wasn’t meant to b...


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  • Crying is natural, only if it didn't getting out of hand and effecting your job and effecting relationship with co worker, using sex not wook if husband only using using to and dreaming other younger co worker when ...

  • Well said

    Well done indeed but when you're in deep in darkest step believe me that sometimes you can ever distinguish your left from the right, every thing getting confused so you have no brain no ability to be use your wisdo...

  • How not to get your Ex back

    Unfortunately I did all those things mentioned there. I'm so desperate and needy, it just made him more withdraw . Yes it's time for me to change. Gain my independence, self confidence and strength.

  • Right on the money


    Can I just say you are one brillaint woman! I've always given this type of advice when my girlfriends come to me with questions, but when its me going thru all the heartache, its hard to take m...

  • thanx

    • 15 Mar 2011
    • Posted by moraa

    thank you for this article its so true es[pecially trying to fix things and nagging him all the time...thank you