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Jealous Much? An Action Plan to Keep Your Cool

By Sarah Rae, BounceBack Editorial Staff

No one likes to feel jealous in a relationship. You feel encroached upon, defensive, unsure about your worth. It can hurt your partner’s feelings and drive a wedge between you.


So why are we so good at being jealous?


Getting jealous has a way of reinforcing itself. It makes us paranoid. We get suspicious if someone we don’t know calls our partne...


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  • Your problems when u pick a girl young as your daughter ti flirt at work is sick then young dingy got lone wanting some fathers love then not last due to other more money men to her with spit his money for his 29yrs...

    • 03 Jul 2012
    • Posted by Ctim

    I am not home because I was not welcome to, but I am doing your house work, cleaning and ironing your cloths because I want to show u that I care and helping u, but I don\'t get any appreciated but only stress and h...

  • Jealousy or Intuition?

    • 03 Aug 2011
    • Posted by DMW

    I was very uncomfortable around two women that my husband worked with. "Just friends," my ass. Sometimes jealousy is warranted. He has "dated" both of them since he left. Although we are still married, he has moved ...

  • i'm not, but i dated her... and that's why it ended

    i ended up having to break up with a girl i really loved just because she was so jealous. and without reason. she had nothing to worry about, i was 100% about her, but because of a past thing of hers she couldn't be...