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Don't Let Yourself Go! 10 Tips to HEALTHY Healing After a Relationship Breakup

By Meg Winters, BounceBack Editorial Staff

"He's really let himself go." Ever heard (or said) that about someone you know after a divorce or relationship breakup and their heart has been broken? No one wants to be that guy or girl, but when something as emotionally traumatic as heartbreak happens, we instinctively turn to some of the worst habits for our bodies. Eating unhealthy foods, couch-potato-ing all day, drinking too much, and st...


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  • Changing focus

    Focus on you, focus on the good things (and people) in your life. I can definitely see that. My expletive is doing his best to make my divorce a terrifying ordeal for me, but I feel best able to get through it whe...

  • Yay!

    • 16 May 2011
    • Posted by Rev4ev

    Useful tips for me. Thanks! Well i don't have to delete my ex's information because we're alright friends now. Oh and getting hugs from anyone should be another tip too. :)

  • .....

    • 05 Jun 2010
    • Posted by sarah

    i think i need this 10 tips right now.
    Thanks! Although im still not doing well after break ups...but i hope pretty soon i'll be back with my old self.